< Yep, just click it! Or wait on Valentines Day.

1   Installation

You only need to include two lines in your HTML:

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/livibetter-backup/lilbtn/master/src/static/js/hearts_on_letters.js"></script>

If your page already have jQuery or Google loader, then only the second line is needed to be used. The script will automatically put on letters when its Valentines Day in viewers timezone.

2   Customization

There is only one parameter can be changed, the appearing rate of hearts, you can put these lines before the code above in your page source:

window.heart_beat_rate = 100; // the default rate

It does not mean rate actually, it means every 100 millisecond put new hearts. If you low the number, hearts will be showed up more quickly.

3   Instant !

You can call the rendering function directly, if you dont want to wait:

if (window.jQuery) {
else if (window.google) { // Try Google AJAX Libraries loader
  google.load("jquery", "1");

The code above is safer, if you know JavaScript and you are certain when jQuery is ready, you can just call hearts() where suitable.

4   Love is confusing!

This script might mess up certain part of your page, or not at all. Here, after the hearts are put on, you can see some of line returns are gone in two code blocks above, . So, be warn! Love is confusing!

If hearts() is called the second time, or more, it will be fun to watch. Try to click that button again! The script doesnt prohibit more hearts being put on, well, on hearts. Hearts on hearts, sweet! But that might eat up CPU resource.

5   Source Code

You can find the source code (New BSD License) on GitHub.