A FriendFeeder posted a question about what font and size you use to code, it is an interesting question and I believe every programmer had ever tried to adjust their programming editor/IDE.

My editor is Vim and I use it in urxvt, so here is my setting:

Rxvt.font: xft:Envy Code B 10pt:style=Regular:size=10:antialias=false

The font is Envy Code B (You might also want to check up the R version), I found it is best for me after trying one after another. Before Envy Code, I had been using Terminus for a long time, its a very popular terminal font. Also I had tried Proggy Crisp and Square for a while. There are other popular programming font but few are really can look good at size 10 point. I also disable the anti-aliasing because its no good for programming or even in terminal. Anti-aliasing and text files would never be good friends.

Here is a screenshot of how this font looks in Vim:


I also need to mention the color, I use the color scheme named koehler and the background color of my urxvt is actually not pure black but #242424, I feel its better the just pure black, more softer, I think.

So, whats your font?