Before I subscribed to, I thought I should find a TUI player, I am a CLI addict. I tried LastBash first, but it didnt play and I dont know the reason. Then I found Shell.FM, and I love it.

Here is my ~/.shell-fm/shell-fm.rc:

username = [username]
password = secret
default-radio = lastfm://user/[username]/recommended
np-file = /home/[username]/.shell-fm/nowplaying
np-file-format = %t by %a
title-format = Now playing %t from %l by %a (%T)
screen-format = %t by %a
term-format = %t by %a
delay-change = true
# Track title
t-color = 1;31
# Album name
l-color = 1;32
# Artist name
a-color = 1;34
# Track page
T-color = 0;36

I also use Conky to cat nowplaying file. If you dont know what those mean, man shell-fm to find out.