Today I paid first monthly subscription fee to You may probably be aware that is not free for all. People who live outside of US, UK, and German would need to subscribe for listening to streams. I noticed this change two weeks ago, at the moment, I had no intention and no idea that I would subscribe. Earlier, I read a forum thread, which mentions few things:

  • Music is not all free
  • $3 is just enough buy you a cup of coffee

Because of this coffee comparison, I decided to subscribe. And I totally agreed with the first one. Some music are free like on Jamendo. I was hoping Jamendo can be the alternative. Unfortunately, it doesnt have same concept. All I want is the radio-like playing. Jamendo has radio stations, too, but the songs in list are fixed. No random or based on your taste of music. I used to like Pandora, but it doesnt provide service outside of US since two years ago, both paid or free. So is my only choice.

And this is me on