I didn't think Wanted is a film I would like. After saw it, I think it's quite interesting and so is its title. Beside the action parts, it seems to knock you up for your life. Getting you to ponder how you live. Of course not to compare with the exciting life in this film. But remind you what you are doing or what have you been up to lately.

Wesley Gibson has a 9-to-5 boring job. Suddenly, the whole world changes in a night. Well, we don't need that such big change and that probably is just a daydream, but we can try to make few small changes to live our life vividly.

Once in a while, I would go into depression and cut some connections off. Then, I get boosted up. I must say that is not right to live but I can see at least. Every time I back, I usually would do something different. That is like small experiment to find out a better way to handle my life. Someday, I can really live.

This film wasn't named "Assassination" or something like that but "Wanted." That doesn't feel like FBI Wanted list when you see this film. It's more suitable to explain it as "wanted life" or "wanted things." He wanted to be an assassin and he did do it. Thinking is not enough, you also need doing.

What the fuck have you done lately?

PS. the ending is out of my imagination, I can guess the result but didn't think Fox would do in that way.