I tried to search a movie, which I have watched its trailer only. I don't know the title, names, actors, actresses, release year, and production country at all. In other words, I almost know nothing about it.

Here is a list about what I can recall but may not correctly:
  • Not an American movie, seems to be French movie.
  • The leading male character is a veteran, or well-trained person with weapons and some other skills.
  • A leading male character's female relative is kidnapped and he tries to save on his own.
  • Seems to be a action, crime, and comedy movie. It's comedy because there seems to have a conversation like "Is that he is too good, or we like a sh*t?," says a bad guy when this bad guy sees the leading male character's skills.
  • There is a scene like: the leading male character jumps off from a small airplane onto a dropping car. (Not really sure about the car part).
  • Shooting.
  • Should be released in the last 2 or 3 years.
Do you have any idea about what movie this is possibly? I have tried to search on IMDb, but no luck.

Updated on 2009-03-02: I finally saw this film on HBO, and I was so wrong only last two are correct. This film's name is Shoot 'Em Up.