GitHub has just pushed out the latest feature: Contributions. I took a screenshot of my profile page:

I love this new feature. You can clearly see what you have done towards other’s repositories and the amount at when you do. That calendar is definitely the spotlight of the entire feature. Longest streak is probably the most interesting number among the statistics to me. Only 8 days streak coding, I must code harder!

Coincidentally, I was thinking something I’d call Contribution Ratio. It’s basically calculating commits to other’s repositories—direct commit or via pull requests are all counted—over total commits, then you have a percentage, the higher means you contribute more. Although, it doesn’t really indicate you have no contributions even when it’s 0%, you may be maintaining a popular open source project under your account name.

Off-topic: as you can see I know use GetSatisfaction to handle feedback, previously Google Moderator. If you have any suggestions, please add it there.

I want to see such number because I feel I haven’t contributed any recently, and would like to know how low my number is. However, I didn’t start it, because it’d be just a number, even that wouldn’t take long to code it. If you want to see such number, add your vote on that idea.