They locked the threads. Period. ROFLMFAO.

Thread #1:

Thread #2:

Before they got locked, an official response was posted, after five months from previous response, last time I paid attention to the issue:

The thread we’ve been updating about the issue is here. If you have further comments, feel free to post them there. Please know that we’re aware this is an issue and are working to fix it. In the meantime, a viable workaround is browsing via Chrome since it should be unaffected.

Funny thing is the provided link is a locked thread (Thread #2) and the thread was only started two month ago. Only got the official reply few days ago, then it got locked.

We’re aware that this is an issue and are currently working to resolve it; I’m sorry that it’s frustrating and we understand that you just want the feature to work as intended on your browser of choice.

As a workaround, the blocked sites feature should work on Chrome. If the feature is that important to you, please consider using it.

I wonder if they really know how to operate a forum, for such on-going issue, you pin one thread or have a collection thread of issues pinned. An experienced forum user will look before they post or search for the issue.

Luckily, there is still one unlocked thread, it seems to be the first thread on the issue, posted on February. It may be next.

Yep, it’s almost ten months.

I am totally okay that Google’s own Chrome works. It’s fine really, it’s your own blood, certainly you will be paying more attention to it. But the thing I don’t understand is, why not just add some notice text to let other browser users to know that the feature currently doesn’t work for other browsers?

Is that so hard to add a line of text in ten months?

You can see it still shows the same message, only the JavaScript issue was fixed. I had added a couple of sites, but the blocking isn’t working. Just adding text like Google Docs/Drive telling me my browser is old and may not be working properly, even though I’ve not noticed any issue.

I could guess the reason behind the thread locking: noise. If you have added the text, some whining or complaints or speculations wouldn’t have been posted as the users would be aware of the issue still exists. Without that, users might just think: broken for everyone or just me? Then, guess what? They reply to the thread with almost no value added to the thread. It will be like snow balling effect, once someone whines, others follow and intensify.

There, I have composed a very nice message for you, Google Search:


One letter per month, then the message would have been completed and it’s loud and clear.