1   Videos


  • “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.” — Louis Sabin. (2012-04-25T14:58:46Z)

3   Google

  • Google Drive: Not really interested in it but it boosts Gmail to 10 GB. 5 GB space for free. Don’t you feel confused when different services have different space quota when they all use same infrastructure. (2012-04-24T19:23:08Z)
  • User Timings: Analytics has become really powerful, I believe this probably is for third-party to develop some special application. (2012-04-24T19:32:24Z)
  • End of Picasa Linux: To be honest, I don’t feel surprised for this coming. Google has been neglecting Linux desktop end-users for a long time. (2012-04-20T19:48:50Z)

4   Random stuff

  • Average English word length is 5 characters according to Wikipedia, was trying to use this information to design the layout of Blogger Export Analyzer. (2012-04-25T22:31:16Z)

  • Hope this is nothing like someone really hates me:

  • The navigation and search box:

  • I moved the search box into new Search page along with Labels page. I also brought back Selections page. I had thought let search box slide in, but that’s just for fancy effects, only a few queries are made a week. I also removed issue reporting using Google Analytics from bottom of page, because I didn’t receive any reports after 3 months.

  • A long road to fix lack of support from hosting service: I like people like this poster, asking for help and self-resolving at the same time. You can see the poster actually got not much help at very first steps. And it also showed you how bad a tech support could be. To be honest, run your own server at your bedroom is easier as long as you can stand the fan noise for your personal blog or simple web applications. The only thing you really need is a static IP, your upload bandwidth should be enough for these days.