Just read Visualize your password reuse on Mozilla Lab by Paul Sawaya about this addon, here is a screenshot of my test profile in Firefox:


The graph use d3.js and it’s interactive, you can draw or click, and even to check the clear text of the passwords.

Again, it’s not the passwords I use daily. No way I will show you that even this is just a visualization. They are a lot can be learned from a simple graph.

I found this is helpful to help your realize how your security sense based on your passwords. A crazy nut of security should have a totally non-connecting graph.

Each green dot is a password, blue dot is the website. Square orange box connecting passwords means those passwords are similar, which by general guidelines of security that should be avoid.

Using different password for different website, but when you are testing. Well, you know abc123 comes in handy. As you can guess, those two only distinct passwords and websites are the actual passwords, and I am not going to tell you what they are. :)

PS. abc123 may just be a misleading to let you believe I use that for testing, please don’t use it to hack into my account. ;)