This is the second time I tried to make my stuff work in IE. Too make it clear first, it’s Code 735. IE always has to be different and unique from other major browsers if you put it in a way with utter kindness. (You have to be saint to think IE in that way)

Okay, long story short:

will not work because is undefined before IE9, it means it is not supported. (735!) A quick workaround is

// For IE8 and earlier version.
if (! { = function() {
    return new Date().valueOf();

You always have to give IE some special care while other browsers mostly can work with same code and render same output. 735! I don’t know if is in ECMA standard or not, but IE likes non-standard and enjoying creating some stuff on its own I would say.

Another thing I have to mention here is the IE8 Developer Tools (I only have Windows XP, don’t know about IE9). Since this is my second time of using, therefore exactly same issue I have still here. It always gives me not too accurate debug info, as the case above, it broke in jQuery code as IE told me. I had to manually set up breakpoints, so I finally found out the problematic code is with Date object. 735, again!

Oh, wait! There is one more thing, where can I change the fonts for Developer Tools? Variable-width font, really? Who a developer is gonna code in that kind of font? Hold on, I have seen someone coding PHP in that. Pheww… that’s probably why I am not a fan of PHP, just kidding.

Maybe there is a <!--[if IEDEVTOOL]> or CSS hack for Developer Tools?