If you used to (and still) use Subversion, you may not be able to get rid of your muscle memory when you need to check the status of a Git repository. For me, one out of two times, I would type:
git st
It is hardwired in me and Mercurial (Hg) has st as a shortcut, so it gets harder to remember to type the full command when I am using Git.

Git has alias configuration to customize the environment, check out man git-config. You can create a global (meaning for all repositories) alias for status command by typing:
git config --global --add alias.st status
It adds a new entry to global Git configuration file ~/.gitconfig:
   st = status
You can manually edit the file if you want. Instead, you can create local alias command which only be used by single repository and configuration is stored in that repository only. But for status command alias, global availability suits better.

ci is a good one to be added for commit command, the second common command for me to get error message from Git, but that's history, too.