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ASCII Flappy Bird! is yet another bird trying hard to flap through tiny gaps of endless obstacles.

It has a nice title screen and sad death screen. You know the drill, just Space to fly away.

ASCII Flappy Bird! was created by Hamik Mukelyan, writen in C with ncurses for terminal size 80x24+, under the MIT License, currently git-1c56b7b (2016-01-19).

CursesBird is a simple side-scrolling game, you are the bird > and you are trying to flying through a tunnel, dont hit the wall. Well, that sounds more like a bat.

Anyway, the controls are basically Up/Down and Leff/Right to adjust speed. Also p pauses the game.

CursesBird was created on 2014-04-11, written in C with ncurses under New BSD License (3-clause), currently git-49a603c (2016-01-05).