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I began to use Block unwanted website in late February, just a month later, it's been broken since then for almost 4 months, a discussion was started back in late March. Like some Google products if it's not current hot product like Google+, you often get late response or even nothing from Google's staff. Lucky this time, we did have a couple of replies from Google employee.

Mar 18, the OP posted about the issue, three months later, Jun 19, finally a Google employee replied to acknowledge the issue. It's better late than never, right?

A half month later, July 4, second reply from same employee said the team is working on the issue and provided barely a workaround for unblocking, which I don't need and I already know that unblocking function. The most important part is still no mention about the problem, why the function doesn't work.

When I first noticed the issue, it's like someone pulled a minified JavaScript from Google's server deliberately.

To me, it doesn't look like something is actually broken because of coding. Like I said, it looks like being pulled, therefore the functions are not available.

I don't now what the real cause is, only Google knows it, but I guess we, the users, must have blocked a lot of sites. 500 sites allowed per user. It's a lot. I think maybe Google can't handle that kind of per-user filter. But that's only my guessing.

The thing is Google must know from beginning if they did pull JavaScript and I really hate Google for late response or lack of proper handling. Beside, suddenly when no one blocks websites, they must have noticed the database stopped growing. No way on Earth that they didn't know when the issue appeared. They are Google, this blocking data is worth to make some statistics even they have never planned to use it for ranking algorithm.

If they want to pull the functionality, it's fine by me. But they need to tell people, just put up a notification saying the function is temporarily disabled, that's really okay by most of people. Disappointed, yes, but much better than unknowing to the cause.

I sincerely feel I have become more and more dislike Google's way to manage things over recent years, and this case is just one of the reasons. They keep talking about government transparency, but they aren't even transparent enough to tell us the cause. They don't need to tell the technical detail, most people wouldn't understand, anyway. A simple summary would satisfy us, who have been waiting an answer and a resolution for nearly 4 months.

Firstly, thanks for the feedback, Josh!

Here is his feedback:

This is the God's-honest most beautiful layout I've seen come out of the "html5 look" to date. Any chance of talking you out of teh codez? :)

The only thing - ONLY - thing that bothers me are that the unordered list bullets extend left of the left-most margin of text. ARGH! MAKE THEM OBEY!!!

Syntax highlighting - is that Zenburn?


Before we go into my response, I need to talk about the issue about my About page, the feedback form to be precise. Since the first feedback I got almost a month ago. I realized that I couldn't directly respond. But that's okay at the moment, because he asked about a big stopwatch, that post is as my response as well.

Now, I really feel that form isn't good enough. There are some options:
  1. I can ask you to leave an email address if you are willing to. However, I don't like this way, because others can't read my response and I don't want to email someone.
  2. I can turn on comments. Blogger disables comments for Pages by default. I didn't bother to turn on. Now I think it might be the time. But (there is always a but!) I have seen some blog's About page's comments get too messy. By the time goes by, the comments grows in incredible rate. Another quick issue I could think of is people who subscribes to follow-up notification they will get annoyed from future comments, but this should be minor.
Because lack of direct response, I have to create a post but I think this is fine for once or twice. Anyway, I need to think about that. If you have any idea, feel free to add here in comments.

My responses. For the first part, thank you! Except the current XML template, the rest of code (JS, CSS) can be found on Google Code. And there is also an XML template which was the beginning of my blog template. But I have made a lot of changes and I am really lazy to update it in repo.

The second part, the <ul>. I am glad that someone is telling me he doesn't like it. Josh, it's actually changed by intention. It's a good thing because I may add a switch to my theme switcher, so whoever doesn't like this style can have the way you like.

And as for the last, yes, it's Zenburn color scheme.