the rain

It has been raining for more than two decades. It never stops, and won't ever.

I can feel each raindrop. They rained on my head, face, shoulder, hands, palms, legs... everywhere. The touches are unforgettable.

The raindrops form many unpredictable streams, they flow over my skin towards ground, the dirty mud ground. Sooner, the feeling becomes numb.

I can smell them like dirt, grass and freshness. They don't taste much, simply water if you really want to know.

I walk along the dirty road. The road splits sometimes, I never chose the paths other than the straight ones.

The forward road has alway been hard to see through, my eyes are covered... by my own two hands.

It's all understandable, clear, and obvious from the beginning. Absolutely needless to have any reasons, any excuses, anything.

Accept the rain.