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I have a project called jquery-jknav, which was not hosted on GitHub until two months ago. I also set up a Google Alerts for monitoring and I just got another notification, I want to see if anyone makes good use of it.

But every a few months, I will see people post exactly source code of jknav, here is a screenshot of well-used keyword:

The most bizarre thing which I can't understand is not why people duplicate the code, but why they duplicate the very old version, which is The latest version is

The strange thing is they all duplicated the same old version. To be honest, I will have to dig for a while to find that version from the old Hg repo on Google Code. I didn't tag versions when did a release at that time.

I can only guess there must be a website provides the code of that version and people don't even bother to check up for updates. The release date is noted in source as you can see in the screenshot above. Almost two years, it is very old.

It's funny, when you search for "jknav," the project website will be listed at fourth place and first two are my blog posts about jknav which I have updated the links.

As for duplicating, I don't understand the need of putting the exactly the same code on Pastebin if there is no modification involved. Isn't a link to where you read it a better option?

pastebinit, a small Python script helper to paste text/code to, which is really handy. You don't need to open editor/select all/paste. You only need to run this script with filename or type in and hit CTRL+D.

Since it's written in Python, I guess it should be having no problems with all systems that Python lives on.