Just got a entry in Google Reader, hooray! Improve Everywhere just released another musical, Grocery Store Musical. This one is well produced and planned, better sound (the previous one is good still).

And is that girl really pregnant? I didn't read the behind-the-scene post but just searched for that for an answer and I wasn't the only one believed she was, some shoppers even asked about the due date. She could do another IE mission on those shoppers.

But the my favorite one is their first (they only have two so far, please make more Improv Everywhere!), Food Court Musical. Because it's more dramatic and it has a twisted and funny ending.

I wish I can be seeing this kind of thing someday, it's better than winning a billion lottery, okay, maybe not. But it's an experience you could remember for whole life.

Now I am looping these two musicals on my screen.

Yes, We Can Give Them A Napkin!