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If you check out GitHub (GH) Explore regularly and you are also a bitbucket user, you may already found bitbucket (BB) Explore's trending is pretty much stationary, bit GH's is not. I am not saying GH's is better, but you want to discover new projects and that's main purpose why you visit Explore page.

As you may notice GH uses Topsy to provide the list along side with featured repos by Changelog. I guess BB's trending is based on the pageviews data on BB's server, BB also has featured repos and tweets mentioning bitbucket.

I found it is not hard to get the similar list on Topsy which you see on GH's Explore. From that, you can have a list for BB's repos. It is not only from Twitter, you can also choose data from Google+.

If Topsy API was not commercial, I would already write some code more my convenience because reading through those results on Topsy is not as easy as you read the list on GH's or BB's Explore. Right now, I've bookmarked it, it's better than that stationary list.

Hmm... Topsy also provides email alerts and RSS feed, maybe filter with Yahoo! Pipes?

1Switching from GitHub?

Probably not entirely but I will be starting to use bitbucket.

I signed up new account a few days ago because I needed to contact a projects owner. After that, I thought this might be a great timing for using it. Why? because of the recent hack on GitHub.

When I read that blog post, I couldnt get a hold about it since I dont know anything about Ruby and Rails and, to be honesty, I didnt really care. But I did sense some fishy behind that post because it said Temporary suspension and it didnt entirely criticize everything of that user. It is just strange.

Its GitHubs side of story, I began to read more when Hacking Rails (and GitHub) showed up in my reader.

To cut the story short, hopefully I did read enough materials, the user, Egor Homakov, reported a security issue in Rails to Rails project regarding the mass assignment. Which can be exploited by malicious appending extra POST fields. (Not sure if it will also works for GET, again, I know nothing about Rails)

The users report got closed without any actions to resolve the issue, then he decided to demonstrate how much damage could be done by this issue by doing things on GitHub.

I dont agree such demonstration, because a hack is a hack if without permission, no matter what your intention is. I also dont feel GitHubs blog post was fair to that user, even he hacked. From what I read, GitHub was avoiding the finger pointing.

But this hack isnt the major point of why I wanted to use bitbucket. On February 9, I contacted GitHub after I saw a public repo, which specifically noting that it is not a open source project.