Once again, Earth Hour is coming up (or already arrived) at 8:30pm on March 31 this year. I was part of it (and Lights Out Day), a few years back, even posted a post for it.

No doubt, it's intention is to bring up awareness in us. But over the years, I've realized and an hour of whole year really is not much. (1 hr) / (24 hr * 366) = 0.000113843352 = 0.011% for this year. It is not entire 0.011% of energy saved, because during the hour you still consume energy. Please don't try to multiply with world population, the globally saved energy is still at 0.011% roughly.

I even tried to go dark in every program I ran, but it was not easy and I hadn't insisted that for a while. However, I still maintained to maximize the amount of programs which I could turn into a dark-themed ones.

Don't do it just for Earth Hour as YouTube does:

Every year, during this period, YouTube will re-install that switch. I know not all people like white background and why not just convert it into a new option?

Google and those companies it owns always give us a sense of caring of everything, shaping themselves as a great companies which can't care much more about the world, people, policy, and so on. They are not the only companies or people.

0.011% of a year could be enough or not, that is really not a point here but who finally understands the Earth Hour is for. Unfortunately, it's like YouTube, it is just one-hour event for each region across the world. It is not really 60 hours (the logo seems to imply, I am not sure, only UTC-12UTC+14 timezones in this world, that's 27 timezones (per hour basis) basically) for each individual, only an hour for each individual or the whole world.

If you are new to Earth Hour or you will be part of it again, then please:

Don't do it for occasions, do it for life.

Don't just say it once a while, live it.

If you don't know there is an option for dark theme on this blog for more than a year, it's located at top-left corner, try it out.