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nInvaders is a Space Invader clone, was made more than a decade ago, still runs even without any updates or patches for nearly 13 years.

Actual speed as recorded

Not sure if its by design or just outdated code, you will need to defeat the invaders in less than 20 seconds, which I dont believe thats plausible. Therefore, I edited the code, watch this video from 30 mark:

  • Time dilation devide: nInvader.c:L33 s/50/10/

  • Invisible Laser Destroyer: playerReloadMissile.c:L179 s/if/while/

  • Secret spell: UUDDLRLRBA

    echo -e '\e[31;1m*** CHEAT MODE ENABLED ***\e[0m'
    echo -e '- \e[34;1mTime dilation deviced\[0m    : \e[1;32mON\e[0m'
    echo -e '- \e[34;1mInvisible Laser Destroyer\[0m: \e[1;32mUPGRADED\e[0m'


Turns out, its a 13-year-old bug, and everyone had played it without knowing it or even questioning it. Ive forked it and patched the bug, you can get the updated nInvaders. (2016-01-21T08:29:10Z)

It has one command-line option for changing difficulty level, -l 0 for NIGHTMARE level and -l 9 for the easiest setting. There is also two builtin cheats, L for one more life and W to skip the level.

nInvaders was created by Thomas Dettbarn in 2002, written in C with ncurses under the GPLv2, currently version 0.1.1 (2003-05-08).

I dont know when I listened to this longtime hit song, Your Song by Elton John, for the first time, its been more than four decades since it was released in 1970. A song was even ten years older than I, well, eleven to be precise.

If you look into the median ages in countries, although no data for entire world population, I would say more than a half of world population were born after this song was sung. Sadly, I didnt expect to know a fact that Ugandas median age is 15.0 years. (It means a half of its people are 15 years old or younger)

There is also a cover by Ellie Goulding if you like her or female vocal. The cover had a blast after released. She seems a popular singer in UK, well everywhere, seemingly.

I thought Elton John is a British (probably still be), because I knew he was knighted by the Queen. In this video, he said he became American before this song was released. But this doesnt matter, great music has no nationality.

It is an old song, but I think this song is liked by many young people, it could even be their song.