Its almost five months since last SotD. Friends Like You by Meaghan Smith, from latest Have A Heart album, which was released on April 22, 2014.

Once again, I never heard of her name or songs before. The song was played during the break of 2014 GSL Season 2 Code S Ro16 Group A after the Losers Match between Classic v. soO. She is a Canadian singer-songwriter. This song seems to be recorded in late 2012 according to the Facebook post, but only released just a month ago. She said in another post:

Im gonna start giving you sneak peeks into my songs One new song is about someone who pretended to be my friend, but really wasnt.

I like the lyrics, they are quite funny to listen. But when I tried to find out the songs name, I kept finding unrelated results until I finally used the right keywords its an art form #BFF forgery, which is the funniest part in my mind:

Never know which face Im gonna see
You got at least two maybe three
Its an art form
#BFF Forgery
Youre genuinely great at being fake
And Im a hopeless optimist

You know there are libraries for face detection, I wonder if they have a feature to detect faking faces and give warning like Warning: #FAKEBFF in automatic tweets.

And I learned a new word: frenemy. This song also teaches us in frienemy relationship, there are a few things you dont do:

  1. Hold it back,
  2. Think about peace and love, and
  3. All that other crap.