The Feed tab (or drop-down option, cant remember) has been gone for long time, but I didnt care much. The only thing I did think I get it right is the Post was now Discussion tab, that is completely wrong. They are entirely different things.

To get to the feed tab again, simply appending /feed to a channel or user URL:

I just used it for first time since its announcement two years ago for my channels About information. Now come to think to it, only two years, its already semi-removed, what a shame.

I believe that eventually this page will be removed, this kind of subtle action has been employed by Google and its companies many times. They quietly remove something, but if you still get a URL, you still can use it, then one day, its all gone. The question is for how long?

Its like they dont have the guts to do what they want and give out an explanation, cant take voices from users, so they do a trick like this. If you are gonna do it, just do it at one go.