After revamped their entire website and business plans, Flickr took another step forward, that is sacking Recent Uploads page:

Flickr: Photos & video from everyone in Flickr

It is now redirected to Explore, which isnt equivalent at all. Explore only shows you photos gets attentions, but the Recent Uploads shows you everyones photo. Good or bad, funny or lame, safe or NSFW, its no judging, unveil to you without any reservations.

I dug out an old screenshot I took three months ago:

Glad, I have taken a screenshot of it, so I could remember how it brought my awesome contacts to me, how it showed be some weird or bizarre behaviors of Flickr users, how people abused Flickr, and many other things I had noticed through it.

I found a discussion and replied to it with:

Yes, I am addicted to it, I am a RUH or Recent UploadoHolics, and I feel no shame of admitting it. It is a reply intentionally to be humorous, but everything written is true and honest. Ive learned that its very hard to reverse a corporations decision and I know its just wasting of time to even think of so. This post is only meant to be the memorial of Recent Uploads page by me.

I can see myself a year from now, I will no longer be the guy who refresh the page a dozen times if not more, I will not spend any single second on that page just to discover cute and silly kittens or delicious home-cooked meal. Its not all that sad, at least my 88 contacts will still be around.

I love Flickr Recent Uploads, or should I say I loved?