Ever since I discovered pipes.sh, I wanted to create one of my own, a script runs like screensaver and its a very simple script. Finally, a simple idea with just | and -, I have weave.sh.

I have recorded one video and here is some quick screenshot for a quick peek:


I think this script is fun if you can spend some time to craft one of your very own pattern. Using Bashs Arithmetic Evaluation to enable the weaving, like (((x % 5 + y % 11) % 2)) in first screenshot. You can even use Bash function or external command if the evaluation is quite complicated.

There is only two directions and two colors. Its possible to add more colors, but I think two is more than enough to have lots of fun with this script. The potential of this is (2 + 2) ** infinity!

Just to clarify that I know nothing about weaving or knitting, so dont take the outcome of this script to compare with the real thing. :-)