Dont read on if you are not 18+ or are prude.

Havent done Song of the Day for months, just got a recommended video, Thank You Very Much (2013) by Margaret Ashton, because I watched a prank video. I was wondering why a prank video triggered a music video, but it did make sense after I watched it.

The recommended video was actually a duplicate of the official upload, because the official video has age restriction and YouTube account required, and thats why I put up the warning in the beginning of this this post, but I really think its more like 15+.


I decided to put this song on SotD solely because of the music video. Its too hilarious and has twists. The first ten seconds, you may think that daughters clothes are fine. Yes, its exposing, her nails are painted black. But we all have seen worse. At least her hair wasnt dyed in rainbow colors. Then, suddenly, it totally blew out of my mind when the camera turned to the parents and I burst into laughters.

Just dont embarrass us

Although its funny, but the scene of her dad wrestling with someone by the pool was sort of gross. Because someones willy knocks off her cup and I didnt think thats a fake penis. Eeeyuck. Also, the Wee playing scene, couch, I meant Wii playing scene, which was gross and totally bogus. No man can have a penis that big! ;-)

But I love the family photo scene, because that bare pussy are so cute and its not mosaicd, did you see the wrinkles? Its so adorable, so is the baby! Who doesnt like the alien-like Sphynx kittens, right?

The ending is epic. The only other person was clothed in the party was a guy. That reminds me of the ending of CollegeHumors Jeggings series.

Oh, cmon!

Bonus: Wedding Interrupts Lecture (A Cappella Group) University of Michigan by the same prank video uploader.