My Stack Overflow account has just reached 2013 reputation points in 2013. When I saw it, its like some kind of reminder or a sign, saying I should go back to use Stack Overflow. I stopped using it last year when Stack Overflow started testing reviewers, which is just a triger point.

When I was actually trying to answer question years ago, I found its extremely hard to get a question that I could answer. Not only thousands questions of programming languages all squeezed into one site, but also askers dont even bother taking time to write their questions so people can quickly and clearly have grip of the question. When there should be a jsFiddle as demonstration of the problem, there is none. Heck, oftentimes, the asker just drops a line saying <foobar> isnt working, why? They probably think others can probe their mind into know what they are actually asking.

There would be plenty issues when a service grows enormously in rapid speed, the quality drops and you have to spend much more time to filter out what the questions you aint interested in, even there is a filter system in operation. New askers cant tag correctly, also cant describe well. I sometimes suspect the asker hasnt even finish the first chapter of the tutorial of the language.

Despite the issues, there is still a good question, only very rare. I dont know, I may be hopping back onto it again. Exercising my new gained privilege to accept some suggested edits or answering questions.

I stack, and stack, and stack, until I get stacked.