Yes, the thing below, that is a chart of the change of my ToDo list in number of lines over time, beginning with this year. And, no, its not some kind of new years resolution or any kind of top-secret project. Its just a simple record of the number of lines. I was curious to see how fluctuated my ToDo would be in number of lines when I was editing.

On the top, its the ToDo list we all know about. The thing that you shove things in, tasks you dont have time to deal with at the mean time, ideas we all know are just dreamsnever can be some world changing inventions, stuff you dont want to take care of, or blahs you just dont give a dime. Thats the ToDo list.

On the bottom, the ToDo Bin as I called it, its also a ToDo list with bin attached. If ToDo list is like a garbage bin, then ToDo Bin is the garbage bin of ToDo list barbage bin. A bin of a bin, how awesome is that? Its the ultimate Bin, that means whatever goes into ToDo Bin, its never gonna to see another day of light. Ehm, what I mean is the task is never going to get done.

When my ToDo list smells stinking from rotten tasks, I discard them into ToDo Bin. Cough! I mean I move those into ToDo Bin. You can see some sudden increase by significant amount of numbers at lower chart. Almost 1,020 lines in the bin already.

I try to keep ToDo clean as best as I can, well, not really by finishing the tasks. Just somehow make some lines disappeared mysteriously. At this moment, it only contains 10 lines.

Its only been one month, it may look even more interesting one year later. Or more stinking? Anyway, its fun to see something totally meaningless and not so useful to help you do better.

So, readers, its time to add charting my todo list task to your todo list!