Saw this video on recommendations and it is named: Helicopter Fishing. While I was waiting for the helicopter to hover above a river or big water body, but it never came and I wasnt really paying much attention to watch.

Before the landing, I thought what the heck!? Where did that guy got that model airplane and where is the fishing rod? Is he going to fish with that plane? I really thought they were going to fish, literally. Never saw anyone did that and thats why I clicked to watch this video.

I then realized he was returning the plane to owner and understood why another guy said he saw everything and moved around treetop. I was so focusing on seeing a rod and a pond, I couldnt hear any conversations they had.

It is written in description:

Fishing out a P-51 Mustang model airplane with a Robinson R-22.

LOL! Shouldve read the description. Its a cool video anyway and great experience from either party. That is a nice place to live in if you are rich enough, big house, small lake, green land, big trees, by the way.