1   Cause of JavaScriptd

Earlier this month, I started an experiment on Blogger Blog Archive gadget after I saw this:


All names of 12 months are on the list. I was speechless because this only showed me the significance of useless data. Its useless due to no readers would care about any of them, not just 12 months. If you look closer, blog and archive are from the widget title of Blog Archive; labels probably is from the footer of each post where the labels are listed in.

Imagine these words are counted at least 860+ times because there are 860+ posts in this blog, they show up on each post. You dont need to be genius to figure out why they are on top list.

This list shows nothing about the real written content, which by me. I cant see what really are the top keywords between my posts. I think this is common situation on all blogs, no matter what blogging platform is. Archive, feed links, navigation links, and so on, they are common elements on a blog.

After seeing that list, next thing I did was to Google using these keywords [site:blog.yjl.im january february march]. Here was what I saw:


Taken on 3/8. The actual result count is 451+, not 1,880,000,000. That number will only happen in your dream.

See how the keywords hit? No one can find anything. Yes, one can argue that how come someone will google using 3 months names, but you are just missing the point and you will never know every searchers needs.

I always feel search engine is still a machine, not smart, even Googles. Users have to be smart when enter keywords, to make up a good query. No doubt, it is hard to design a good and human friendly search engine.

I am guessing thats why people started using this SEO term or even created a title like SEO expert or whatsoever. It is just blatantly sad and seems everyone likes that term, even believe it is a good creation. Thinking that SEO is right way to make things better. No. Make machine smarter, not try to feed the data they like.

I and they have different perspectives. They want to have more hits, to have higher rank; I want to have quality and accurate results for whom visits my blog via search engine. I dont want anyone to be lured in because of false hit. It is false, because those should never be indexed, there are not part of content. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell search engine to ignore certain parts and I dont have any friend who makes search engine.

2   JavaScriptd Blog Archive gadget

So, I was thinking what if I turned those plain HTML code into dynamically rendered HTML by JavaScript. After around 20 days later, here is the result:


Although, there are still 9 names on top 16, but it is already better than before. And more, look at the results counts:

The counts fell from 451+ to 89 at this moment. Give it a few more days, it should be close to zero.

5   Final thoughts

I am always careful about choosing and persistent on what on my blog. (Finally, I do have a virtue!) You wont see a lot of gadgets or widgets, no Like, no +1, no Twitter, no Poke, no whatsoever, no nothing. I feel they are dumped into your blog and not many people really click. If they are a user of a service, then they may already have an addon or something to help them share.

However, I did bent my rules a couple of times, but with great excuses. (It is always an excuse, dont deny it when you are bending.)

Blog Archive could be one. When I found out the issue with Popular Posts, I think I might also know about Blog Archives issue, but I left it alone. I need a easy and quick way to know how many posts I have post in current month. I must have thought about Blogger API to re-create archive list, but that would be over-kill. Dont know why I didnt think about JavaScriptd until recently.

It had been more than a year since Popular Posts removal. By this new method, I finally can bring it back.

I dont think my thought and insistence of all these are unreasonable, but the people never really see the problems while searching. If they cant find anything they want, they conclude thats what it supposes to be.

Maybe searchers dont care, content owners dont care, search engine maker dont care, or just they all see nothing. I dont know, I have not seen anything talk about search engines index parts should not be in index.

Again, make machine smarter, not trick them.