A couple of days ago, I started to see few threads about bluish issue on Arch Linux forums with Adobe Flash 11.2. I was still using 11.1 at the time. Earlier, 11.2 was marked as stable because of security vulnerability. So I deiced to upgrade and ignored potential the bluish issue. (I didn't read any threads on Arch Linux)

After upgraded and I had watched few videos, I have forgot those bluish issues, it didn't happen to me. Now, there is a first thread on Gentoo Fourms, now I know my computer isn't affected due to my ATI card, it seems about nVidia card and its vdpau. (By the way, I don't feel any H/W accelerated, my card is probably too old.)

If you google, you will see this bluish issue is happening over all distros, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc. I read a few threads and I am not sure whose bug is, and I don't really care. Who would I?

Anyway, if you are nVidia user, then wait for update for driver or Xorg or Adobe, one of them should deliver the fix or already done.

Don't downgrade to 11.1 since this 11.2 contains security patch.

Meanwhile enjoy your free Blue Map Group performance. Wait, it's not even April 1st. Adobe you released it too quick. It's not an Intel ads, the Blue Map Group, you dumb xxx! xD

Sorry for you guys use nVidia card, I just can't help myself. Please don't hit me! ;p