I believe no developers have fully used their own creations. I do mean using not testing.

I recently wanted to watch Mass Effect 1/2 walkthrough, because I wanted to understand the storyline. So, I searched for playlists for those two series, but soon that reminded me of an annoying situation I had already seen and forgot.

The default quality is either 360p or 480p (if you enlarge the player and have set auto option in account playback settings). If you watch without fullscreen, then there is not problem at all, but if you switch to fullscreen, two annoyances are waiting for you.

First, the auto option will switch to 720p for you (if you have checked the checkbox for HD quality), which is great and that's what I want to have. But after this point, you need to try not to exit fullscreen mode. Once you do, exiting fullscreen mode, two things come along:
  1. Page will be reloaded (only happens after player plays other videos from playlist, which definitely will happen, that's the reason why you watch videos from playlist). Which actually make sense, the page has not yet updated even player has played other videos. Although this can be annoying, but I can let this one go.
  2. The side effect from #1, the video's buffer is cleaned and rebuffered since page reloaded, because the default quality is 360p or 480p, which is different than 720p, therefore rebuffering is required and wasted. I was watching 720p and I want to continue watching in 720p.
There are some related questions on help forums, I didn't look into those. Because there is no need, or this kind of annoyance had already been resolved.

If you have used playlist for real, I mean watching a playlist with 50+ videos, then you can understand. But the chance to watch such playlist is not very often.

The introduction of auto switching of video quality is meant to save bandwidth, I believe, only loading higher quality stream when is requested. But think about this case, the video is fully buffered, then player exits fullscreen. The 720p buffer is wasted, because it gets cleaned, if page reload also occurs.

There are some Firefox Addons about HD, I don't know if that will help or not, or if that is possible for me to append a parameter in the URL to force HD quality. Like I said, it's not often and I have survived watching those videos without exiting fullscreen too many times before I wrote this post.

I would call it stupid, just I don't think the dev has thought about it. If they did, then it's the worst, they don't care.