I dont use Windows and dont have any game consoles, but I do know about Skyrim. When it was released last year, I watched a lot of game playing on Justin.tv. I know how the main storyline goes.

After the release, I often saw some people shouting FUS RO DAH! in channel not even about gaming. Whoever was not familiar with that game couldnt understand the meaning, then you see people started to ask about the meaning. Its quite silly to shout something irreverent in other channel. If it was about gaming, I saw more the shourting and some even got deleted because its like snowball.

I had watched a couple of parody videos of Fus Ro Dah on YouTube, but I just found out there are plenty more after. No idea people are so into making fun of this. I put some I fell really funny in a playlist (skip first one, its the trailer, you will see it soon :):

The one with Chuck Norris can be skipped after his part ends. Some people made Fus Ro Dah videos but they have no idea what that actually means, although few are still quite funny, even they didnt get the point.

Now lets practice this dragon shout, shall we?

I also found some some nice music covers:

And the soundtrack:

Skyrim by Yu-Jie Lin on Grooveshark

At some point, I really wanted to play it, but I dont think my computer can handle it and I would have to install Windows. Thats a No-no. Actually, you can download the first two games, Arena and Daggerfall, in the series on the website. They probably can be run in DOSBox, but its not Skyrim.