I never thought I would see italics text in terminal, but I did. I didn't realize what change made this happening when I suddenly saw searching highlights in less had been rendered in italics text. Later, I found out it's the tmux update 1.4->1.5.

A second later, I knew I hate that. It's so hard to see the highlights, I can only be sure there is one hit at the first line of current view. If there is more in the same view, I wouldn't be able to see it. Regular text and italic text look so alike in terminal at first 1000 glances.

Anyway, I found a backward solution, I chose "screen-noit."

I still don't know whose fault is, but clearly it's not as if tmux broke something. In fact, it fixed something what we used to think that's right. However, after all, that really felt suck, and I didn't read anything about it from tmux's changelog 1.4->1.5.

Using colorIT resource

Updated on 2011-07-22

I decided to drop screen-noit and got back to normal screen terminfo with resource setting:

Rxvt*colorIT: #ff0000

I think it's better and prettier, though you might not agree with my color choice. (I ain't no artist!) Anyway, it's now rendered in italic and bloody red style. I can't be missing any highlighted text.