Few days ago, I noticed some mass strange hits on this blog, I thought its an attack. Earlier, the mass hits came again right after I posted Lightweight YouTube Player Loader. Its pretty clear to me, YouTube is the trigger. It could be post title or label name. The only issue is I still dont know who makes the mass request. Just one or a group of bots? Where did they get the published data. The requests came really just after I hit Publish button.


Blogger Stats tab doesnt provide raw access log. Google Analytics cant help with this case, because those requests are not come from web browsers, therefore the script isnt executed, and definitely not from human. Hundreds of requests, who would have such time to hit reload button? They must be made by bots.

I have thought if I change DNS record to other server, which I could see the detail with, the IPs. I do know they are from US, thats Blogger Stats tells me. I want to know if its one IP or many IPs, and who owns the IP. But that would affect too much, even its just a short period. Besides, I cant do anything, Blogger doesnt allow you to filter out unwanted data. They cant even classify those requests as bots even if there is a Bot tab, because those bots disguise themselves as Firefox and on Other Unix OSes.

To me its like my stats data is being contaminated but this kind of data is still useful but not so much for a blogger if you cant have any means to deal with. I dont think its spamming like fake referrer spamming (or the spammer forgets to add HTTP Referrer?), at least not intent to spam Blogger bloggers, because it would know we cant know any detail except the number of hits, the fake user agent and the OS.

In my conclusion, there is nothing I could do. I believe I will get another mass hits in just about a second once more.