Just finished some changes for showing song title and artist of music which played by (S)MPlayer in my dzen.

The modified lf-submit.sh (lf-mplayer-wrapper.sh) doesnt extract time information because it will have to parse MPlayers output, though its not hard, but I just didnt want to do it. Beside, the script couldnt decide the song length, because I might set A-B playing mode. Basically, only song title and artist are available to display and thats what my dzen used to show me the songs played by MPD.

Except the time and players status, my dzen shows me same information as if showing MPD status, including Last.fm playcount and loved status. lf-submit.sh helps save the current song information to /tmp/lf-submit.sh.currentsong and my status.c pick up and show them, then lf-playcount-image.sh helps retrieve data from Last.fm.

I dont feel I really need song to be shown in dzen when I play a music video, you can just watch pictures, why do you want to read text? Anyway, it just got me something to do.

If you have watched the screencast above, you may notice that there are some glitches when rolling the text after 050. I knew someday I would have to fix that, problems with characters other than ASCII. Now, I really have to, but later.

Last few days, I have been watching German music video. I found there are some awesome videos and some funny ones. I will post later hopefully.

Oh, sorry for the last 1 minute and 30 second, seeing me fixing that exclamation mark thing!