We're a three-person startup based in Barcelona which provides self-updated profiles for software developers. The profiles are based on public information: open source projects at Sourceforge, Github, Google Code and Apache, for now.

We would very much appreciate your input about Masterbranch and the profiles we generate. You can see and claim yours here:
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On the other side, at Masterbranch there are companies doing the hard work of searching and pre-qualifying developers with skills based on real programming experience such as showcased in your profile. From time to time, you may receive job opportunities via email, but don't despair, you can control w[h]ether you'd like to receive these job offers.

I would reply with this subject: 011011000110111101101100. (If you don't know the original email title is, then click on this, it's a 5-letter word.) (If you don't know my replied title is, then click on this, it's a 3-letter word. word[0] == word[2] and ord(word[1]) - ord(word[0]) == len(word))

I don't think I have real programming experience at all. As of the self-updated profiles, after I searched myself:


Look at those expertise. It proves my point I posted yesterday, those scarps, they generate cr... eww... inaccurate data. (At least, it didn't fake)

I did write a few WordPress/bbPress plugin which indeed PHP, but for others projects, I didn't touch a line of PHP code. Where did this "MPlayer" come from?

There are two listed in my username, I can understand that. They can really tell if that's same person, because it's machine. If it's done manually by real human, they will look into source code and see my real name in both FOSS hosting sites. The one on top should be Google Code, the one on bottom is Sourceforge.

One thing I don't understand, there is already an Ohloh. Why make another one? When I first clicked in, I felt a bit Github-like style, but I seemed to be wrong. But there was a notification bar at top, it's definitely like StackOverflow.

Anyway, this kind of sites is those I wouldn't use. They are not totally bad, they are just you know too similar in many ways.

If I was making a website like this, I wouldn't generate. I would rather email those potential developer, who might create awesome profile on their own, and give them some already existing great profiles for samples. Those auto-generated profile like stuffing beer cans in your wardrobe, they ruin the quality. But it's just me, some websites want to make them look big thing in the year at first.