I have a new stuff showing in my conky:

Auto-downloading new subscription videos

It's a status of downloads.

The script, autoytdl.sh, retrieve the new videos feed via YouTube API and check if there are new entries.

I use cron to run it every hour:

0 * *  * * autodlyt.sh livibetter /home/livibetter/Videos/ 1> /dev/null

The first argument is the account name, second is where to store data and videos. In my case, the downloaded videos go to ~/Videos/livibetter/videos.

If you run it for first time, it will download all videos listed in the feed. It's better to run it and interrupt it, then clean USERNAME/queue, that directory record what videos should be downloaded. It uses youtube-dl to download, one video at a time. So, the downloading process may take very long. If your cron run the script again when previous job isn't finished1, well, same video could be downloaded twice.

This script could be very buggy.

(Normally, I wouldn't put such script into public. But YouTube homepage's Subscription section sometimes showed me videos I had watched through same section again, and YouTube often put be into 360p, or 480p if it thought my Internet speed is fast enough or I was just lucky. 720p, I always have to manually select.)

  1. I am not sure if cron will prevent this or not. ^