After latest nightly build update, Firefox 4's Statusbar has gone AWOL and Add-on bar just enrolled.


There is a discussion, but I didn't really read it. All I know is I have to wait for Vimperator to update, so things will get back to what it used to be. Now the Vimperator's statusline stays on top of this new Add-on bar and looks very awkward.

I pulled some buttons from navigation and bookmark bars onto Add-on bar, so it won't look so empty.

Firefox 4's UI changes is truly a pain-in-ass for Vimperator. Everyday, I might be surprised.

Updated on 2010-09-25

Since I can't really do anything to this new Add-on bar, I decided to embrace it:

The only problem is the width of Vimperator's bar. I can't make it auto-adjust by the window size.
#addon-bar {
  -moz-appearance: none !important;

#addon-bar * {
  background: #222 !important;
  color: #ddc !important;

#liberator-statusline {
  background-color: transparent !important;
  width: 800px !important;