About an hour ago, I saw a video clip on Flickr. A girl in kitchen was using tongs to hold an living lobster still while another person trying to cut the rubber bands. Till that moment, its nothing. I meant I didnt feel anything even though I knew that lobster would be eaten sooner or later. It seems to be the best season of lobsters and crabs, there are lots of them being eaten photos on Flickr recently.

I wondered if that lobster would happen to be featured in upcoming season of Discoverys Lobster Wars. I never felt sad for those lobsters when I watched that show or crabs from Deadliest Catch. They were still alive after they were caught. You only saw how hard those fishermen have to work, how danger it would be, how expensive for a trip that they have to spend on gears, gasoline, etc. But you never ever notice those would lose their lives because they are supposed to be in that way, thats their fate once they get on board.

I thought they would put it into fridge first, but then, that girl moved with that lobster to the stove instead, which had a stock pot on and water was boiling inside. I was shocked because I knew that lobster was about to be cooked (killed). All of a sudden, that girl put that lobster into the pot, cooked alive to death. It was still moving before she put it in. They (the girl and others) said sorry to that lobster and wished it would be delicious.

The one held the camera walked closer to the stove and take a shot of inside of the pot, the lobster had gone red and had been dead already. Its only a few seconds after that girl put it in.

I covered my mouth, speechless.