After wanting to plot the timeline of OSes I have used, I thought I could create a timeline of my blogs.

The files can be downloaded here, my-blogs-timeline.{conf,csv}. The code was indeed from that GNU/Linux distro timeline, but after I modified and read the manual of gnuclad, I found those were from gnuclads docs and examples . So, I dont think I will need to make a attribution.

In this timeline, I started with one blog then it branched out in 2008. At the time, I thought its a good idea to have blogs with special topics. But in 2010, I decided to go back to just one blog. There is no need to have many special topic blogs and my Blogger dashboard had too many blogs. I am not a professional blogger, its hard to keep active blogging. This timeline includes some projects blogs, they are almost inactive.

When I was composing it, I tried to add images, such as logos or header images of my blogs, but some images were being resized too small. I couldnt figure out how to resolve it. There was no bug reports or no FAQ entries mentioned about images, hence I just removed the images and went back for plain texts.

Five years of blogging (I have some were not in the timeline), I did manage to create a lot of useless contents, I think. :)

I need to leave a note for myself for generating the image:

gnuclad my-blogs-timeline.{csv,svg,conf} && inkscape my-blogs-timeline.svg -D --export-png my-blogs-timeline.png

See the Bash Brace Expansion, its the commandfu!