Sometimes, life changes much quicker before you can react. In less than two days, after I found a perfect solution to open bookmarks as an alternative to Vimperator in Chromium, I thought it was perfect. I found a better one today by accident! Its a program launcher, Bashrun, but it could do more with its handlers feature. I have written a post about how I configured it on my Gentoo.

Here is my handlers:

#()$ is necessary, or bashrun will run $BROWSER '' t gm
'^t b()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t f()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t fr()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t fb()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t ff()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t ga()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gad()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gae()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gaed()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gcal()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gd()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gdy()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gg()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gm()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gn()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gr()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gs()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t gt()$' "$BROWSER ''"
'^t yt()$' "$BROWSER ''"

Mod4+R or Mod1+F2, t gm, Return, it still requires seven keystorkes, but Space is easier to press than Return. Perhaps, I should reduce it down to just tgm?