I have just been using Wakoopa 1.1.1 on Linux. It works very well. I have wanted to try it when it was not ready for Linux. I do know how long it has started supporting Linux, it surely does it great because it also have a 64-bit client. The packages only are for DEB and RPM package managements, but the binary tarball is easy to use.

The only problem I have is it is not able to detect the CLI/TUI programs, simply because it has no easy way to determine which CLI/TUI program you are currently using. As in X, we have many different terminal emulator, then few terminal window managers. It is nearly impossible that you could tell which is running by a code. We also still have virtual consoles, but this probably not the case to talk because Wakoopa is a GUI program. Not many people will use X and switch to virtual console to work.

The web tracking works normally with Firefox 3.5.5. But I am not satisfied with it, it uses CrunchBase as the website database. But as I checked up on CrunchBase, it is really a company-oriented. I don't see gnu.org or kernel.org in it.

I may be using Wakoopa for a little longer. It really couldn't fully reflect my use on computer. I stay a lot of time in terminal. I know I can use gvim instead of vim, but I rather not to. I think Wakoopa is better for Windows and OS X users, because the normal users of theirs are stuck to GUI programs.