Oh no! by play4smee

I was trying to compile Chromium browser on Gentoo AMD64, which is 32bit only browser. I couldnt did it with emul-linux-x86-* libraries because was not included in them. So, I decided to take chroot method and I dont like that before or after. However, it didnt work, either. Some path issues still remain, header files cant be found, and I dont know how to fix it and didnt want to.

Chroot environment became useless to me, so I did rm -rf /mnt/gentoo32. If I completely followed the guide, I only need to emerge --sync to fix /usr/portage, Gentoos package (meta)data location.

Unfortunately, I did more than that:

mount -o bind /root /mnt/gentoo32/root >/dev/null &
mount -o bind /home /mnt/gentoo32/home >/dev/null &

Laziness made me. I wanted the environment bashrc, etc. And I also need the source code of Chromium, its already in my home directory, so I didnt see its wrong to bind my home to chroot environment.

I still dont think those two bindings are wrong actions. The only mistake I made is lacking of care forgetting to umount. I am sure this wont be the last time :p