I dont know chess, I compiled Crafty Chess only for getting benchmark after I read this post. The version I compiled is 22.8, you can download the source via its website.

I got an error when make linux-amd64:

main.c:3729: error: too many arguments to function numa_node_to_cpus

I have no idea why to fix this, therefore I just removed -DNUMA from Makefile, so target linux-amd64 target becomes:

    $(MAKE) target=LINUX \
        CC=gcc CXX=g++ \
                CFLAGS='$(CFLAGS) -Wall -pipe \
                -fbranch-probabilities -fomit-frame-pointer -O3 -march=k8' \
        CXFLAGS=$(CFLAGS) \
        LDFLAGS='$(LDFLAGS) -lpthread -lnuma -lstdc++' \
        opt='$(opt) -DINLINE64 -DCPUS=8 -DLIBNUMA' \

The results on my Core 2 Duo 1.83G:

$ ./crafty
unable to open book file [./book.bin].
book is disabled
unable to open book file [./books.bin].

Crafty v22.8 (1 cpus)

White(1): bench
Running benchmark. . .
Total nodes: 111671982
Raw nodes per second: 1861199
Total elapsed time: 60.74
White(1): quit

You also need numactl-devel package, though I am not sure if Crafty still uses it since the removal.