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I think I have some misunderstanding about By its name, it's tend to compare to As far as I know, it's ok to compare with Pandora. But it's not the case for

Twitter, instead! Yes, Twitter. I have strong feeling for the word blip after hours, it's like tweet. How come? On Twitter, you simply tweet what you think with text. On, you can tweet (blip) with text and a song or music as well. So, when you blip, it's not all about the song but why you choose that song and what you think. And that's why also has @reply feature. Moreover, you can blip a song many times.

What do you think?

I just signed up not long ago. So, what is this "blip" thing all about? I am not so sure but from my understanding by using it, the music you will be listening to are user-uploaded music files. I think if they were not, then there should not be so many duplications.

First you enter artist name or song name to search for songs. You can preview to check up if that is right song you expected. You can also view a blip-stream on front page (just below the search box) which is made of many blips from users.

What does this "Blip" mean? You can blip a song, which is like a announcement saying you have listened to the song. Of course you don't have to, but that would be strange, wouldn't? Okay, when you decide to blip a song, you also have to write a message within 150 characters, whose content is about the song. Note that you must blip a song in order to put the song into your profile (For example: a.k.a. Blips list at the sidebar. For the sake of social thing, you must blip some songs, or who would be interested in an empty profile page?

However, you can put any song into your Favorite list, just click on the star-shaped icon at a blip. supports integration with Twitter, FriendFeed, ..., and Although, some are not really ready. But most important thing is it can scrabble and scrabble your music. No need to reinvent the wheel. Pretty clever, isn't? You can then blip those songs.

So far, it doesn't have many song. But it's quite stable, no, I haven't activated the beta testing.

Did anyone know if it has something about and when will FriendFeed officially support it?