I had read some recipes about frying hot peppers, so I wanted to try. I have two kinds of peppers. One is red and hot, another is green and mild heat, that's basically I know all about them.

Before I tried frying, I tested the green chili with baked french fries, because I didn't know how this would turn out. The result was great, the green chili became sweet, so I decided to give red ones a try.

Besides the chili peppers, I also put in two gloves of garlic and some cherry tomato. The tomato were sweeter than ever and frying brought more flavor from charred parts. I left them whole, only poked a few holes with knife, so it's still juicy inside when I bit into it.

The problem was the red hot chili seemed hotter. I made some pasta with the oil after like spaghetti with garlic oil, no need to waste a flavored oil. The oil is spicy and with little garlic flavor and sweetness. I at a fourth of red chili, then drank a whole glass of icy water. My mouth was on fire. Glad I didn't put the whole chili in my mouth.

I was hoping long frying could bring the heat away, but my experiment told me it's not the case. The green ones didn't have heat anymore, what type of chili really matters.